CBD oil for stress & anxiety

Shunyata - BALANCE

Shunyata Balance is a proprietary oral medicine that helps manage stress and anxiety by targeting the body’s receptors for serotonin to regulate mood and behaviour...

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cbd oil for Insomnia and Inflammation

Shunyata - CALM

Shunyata Calm is a proprietary medicine targeting relief from insomnia and inflammation. Phytocompounds in Shunyata Calm present sedative and anti-inflammatory properties to help patients...

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Cbd oil for pain

Shunyata - PAIN

Shunyata Pain is a proprietary medicine for relief from chronic and neuropathic pain. Targeting the body’s endocannabinoid receptors for pain and inflammation in the central and peripheral nervous...

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Full-Spectrum Cannabis Cream for Pain


Experience the full range of relief with SVAHA, India's first cannabis leaf cream for advanced pain and inflammation management.

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Shunyata Relief

Shunyata - RELIEF

Cannabis leaf massage oil for joint pain relief. Shunyata Relief is a polyherbal medicated massage oil for relief from chronic musculoskeletal pains...

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CBD oil for cramp relief

Cramp Relief

Full spectrum cannabis leaf oil for menstrual cramp relief. Shunyata - Cramp Relief is a cannabis leaf medicated roll-on to soothe menstrual cramps.

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CBD oil for migraine relief

Migraine Relief

Shunyata - Migraine Relief is a cannabis leaf medicated roll-on to ease headaches and migraines Full spectrum cannabis leaf extract...

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Oral medicines containing cannabis extract should be taken under medical supervision, as per advisories from India's health authorities.

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