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Savikalpa Virtual Clinic

Oral cannabinoid medicines must be taken under medical supervision, to ensure effective treatment outcomes and to minimise adverse events.

As cannabis medicine in clinical practice is nascent in India, Savikalpa offers patients and healthcare practitioners a virtual clinic platform dedicated to cannabinoid treatment, ensuring a high standard of care and guided treatment. Our doctors have access to the latest research and clinical practice data collated from Savikalpa’s global network of cannabis physicians to inform their practice.

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Cannabis Science + Ayurveda

India’s traditional systems of medicine such as Ayurveda have recognised and recorded the beneficial properties of cannabis since ancient times. Nearly 200 classical formulations using cannabis are recorded in Ayurveda’s reference texts. Savikalpa takes inspiration from India’s traditional use of cannabis to create novel formulations for the health and wellness needs of the 21st century.

Cannabis is a registered therapeutic ingredient in the Indian and Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeias, and India has the oldest medical cannabis regime in the world.




Shunyata Pain is a proprietary medicine for relief from chronic and neuropathic pain. Targeting the body's endocannabinoid receptors tor pain and inflammation in the central and peripheral nervous systems, Shunyata Pain provides comprehensive relief to patients.



Shunyata Calm is a proprietary medicine targeting relief from insomnia and inflammation. Phytocompounds in Shunyata Balance present sedative and anti-inflammatory properties to help patients maintain homeostasis and sleep better.



Shunyata Balance is a proprietary medicine that helps manage stress and anxiety by targeting the body's receptors for serotonin to regulate mood and behaviour.


Unlocking the Power of Cannabis Medicine

Savikalpa Sciences is a research-first organisation. We are partnering with leading clinical research organisations and academic institutions to deepen cannabinoid research, with a view to establishing India as the fulcrum of global cannabis medicine.

We believe India has the necessary ecosystem - scientists, researchers, doctors and a large patient population - to establish global leadership in this emerging sphere of medicine.

Savikalpa Academy

Confusion on cannabis and its medicinal use abounds. Patients are uncertain how cannabis medicine works, what it works for, the legality of cannabis medicine in different countries, or the basics of phytocannabinoids such as THC and CBD and their interaction with the human endocannabinoid system.

Physicians have to expend efforts to find the latest in cannabis scientific research, clinical practice and dosage, rules and regulations, and drug delivery form factors suited to varying patient needs.

Savikalpa is thus building a dedicated “Academy”, an information hub especially targeted at healthcare practitioners, which collates the latest in cannabinoid research and learnings from global clinical practice in a one-stop-shop for all queries pertaining to any aspect of cannabis science and medicine.