Shift Focus To Yourself: A Guide To Cannabis Wellness with Savikalpa Sciences

What Makes It Awesome?

We all probably feel the need for safe, natural and easily accessible ways of coping with stress. Especially in current times when normal life has been disrupted, things are more unpredictable than usual and we’re unable to meet friends, family and people in general, as much as we’d like to. Naturally, this has affected people's health - our muscles are tensing more than usual, headaches are getting worse, and we're having a hard time focusing these days - all signs of stress and anxiety that we should acknowledge. This on top of existing ailments that affect one or the other amongst us - be it chronic pains, period cramps, migraines or trouble sleeping.

To help keep your mind and body at ease, Savikalpa Sciences solutions might be something you might want to look into. This brand incorporates medically and scientifically-approved cannabis in their products to relax and calm you. We also know that this is a fairly new concept, and you may not be familiar with it. So, read on.

Savikalpa Sciences is a new health and wellness firm that is offering medical cannabis solutions, rooted in Ayurveda, to provide relief from many ailments. Savikalpa offers virtual consultations with doctors trained in cannabinoid treatment and patient care to guide persons keen on exploring this alternative pathway to well-being. Savikalpa believes that plant-derived medicines give a holistic and natural approach to overcome pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia related problems. To ensure high standards of quality, safety and efficacy of its products, Savikalpa is working with some of India’s leading pharmaceutical research firms such as Dabur Research Foundation to develop scientifically and legally-approved cannabis medicines.

With Savikalpa’s online “Virtual Clinic”, you can book a private video consultation with a panel of doctors who specialize in this kind of treatment. Their team is ready to lead you through every step of the process, from intake and education of medicines to assessment of your triggers as well as on-going patient care.